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On Groover, record labels listen to your track, respond with feedback within a week and can directly get in touch with you. Submit your track to the record labels of your choice and take a chance to get a record deal!

Direct and fast access to record labels, blogs, radios, playlist curators and music industry professionals

Send your music, get listened to, and receive guaranteed feedback!

Get feedback

The days of e-mails without answers are over! Groover guarantees you feedback within 7 days from the curators and pros you select.

Gain visibility & coverage

Groover offers many opportunities: playlist placements, radio plays, social media shares, articles, interviews, and more!

Build your network

If a curator/pro likes your track, they’ll share their contact information with you so you can keep in touch.

Save lots of time

You no longer need to spend hours looking for contacts, sending emails, and managing follow-ups. On Groover, you can reach industry professionals in a few clicks.

More than 100,000 artists use Groover to get discovered

How does Groover work?

1. Add your track

Add the link of your track and fill in the information related to the song

2. Select curators & pros

Select the curators, radios and music professionals of your choice

3. Personalize your submissions

Write a short pitch to describe your track and send personal messages to pros

4. Send your track

Share your song with the pros you have selected

5. Get valuable feedback

Get all pieces of feedback obtained on the platform within a week

Our pricing is fair and transparent

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